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The Qi

Qi (pronounced “chee”) is unknown in Western medicine, but in simple terms is the vital energy of the body. It help to keep the blood circulating, warms the body and helps us fight off disease. It is Qi that distinguishes living creatures from inanimate objects. Qi flows through certain channels to form a network within the body, linking all parts and functions together to form one living unit. There are twelve main channels (meridians); 10 of which are connected to an internal organ, and follow a set pathway in the body.

When a person is healthy the Qi moves smoothly through the channels, but if the flow is too weak or is blocked or too strong, illness occurs. The aim of acupuncture treatment is to balance the flow of Qi. Changes in Qi can precede physical change, so that illness can be prevented before a serious illness can occur. If physical change has already occurred, it can be reversed by adjusting the Qi.

A holistic approach

The Acupuncturist takes into account not only the disease symptoms, but also the lifestyle, physical and emotional traits, age and medical and family history of the individual. An overall understanding of the person is reached before evaluating any patterns of disharmony that have arisen. It is the overall pattern of disharmony that is presented by a person which is focused upon, rather than individual symptoms, or the disease labels given by Western medicine.