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Traditional Chinese Medicine - ancient art and science

Traditional Chinese Medicine ranks high among the great medical systems of the world, being one of the oldest, with an unbroken tradition and history of over two thousand years. It is a complete health system comprising herbal remedies, acupuncture, T'ui Na massage, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. Of these, herbal medicine is considered to be pre-eminent. It is practised extensively throughout China in hospitals and clinics for the treatment of virtually every kind of disease. All major cities and towns in China have several hospitals where chinese herbal medicine is the main system of treatment, with specialist departments in, dermatology, gynaecology, paediatrics and internal medicine to name but a few.  

Throughout its long history, many of its great doctors have contributed to its store of knowledge and wisdom, and during modern times, extensive research has been undertaken in China into every aspect of its use. This has resulted in a powerful , yet extraordinarily subtle and sophisticated system of medicine. Chinese herbal medicine uses several hundred substances, mainly vegetable(roots, seeds, flowers and barks) and some mineral. These are combined in a prescription to produce a powerful and balanced healing effect. Many of the thousands of famous classical prescriptions have been used and developed over many centuries. In practice, these prescriptions are finely adjusted by adding, removing or altering the dosage of the individual herbs to match the precisely the patient's condition.