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Cost of treatment


Alan Watt

Charges:  From 1st January 2018

Chiropractic & Craniosacral Therapy

First Consultation, including treatment:     £60

Follow-up treatments:                                  £45

Vasanthy Watt

Charges:  From 1st January 2018

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

Initial Consultation and Treatment         £60
Follow-up Consultation and Treatment £53
If two sessions in a week £36
Shared-room rate: £30 (limited availability, consultations done privately in a separate room.  Would be suitable for sports injuries, acute pain which may respond better to treatment twice a week, or those on a tight budget but would like to have treatment on a regular basis)


Dried herbs :        4p per gram

Concentrated Powders:  15p per gram

Creams: £4 for 60ml,  £7 for 120ml
Tinctures: 100ml £6.00
Creams/ointments £10.00 per 60ml., £18 per 120ml.

Repeat prescription (without consultation) £10.00

Payment at the end of each appointment please.
Payment by cash, cheque,credit or debit card.