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Taking the herbs

Traditionally, Chinese herbs are made up into teas or decoctions.  This involves boiling the herbs in water for half an hour or more.  You will receive detailed instructions on the method of preparation.  Capsules of raw herbs, concentrated extracts, powders and pills may also be prescribed.  A typical course of treatment would involve taking a herbal formula daily for several months, depending on the nature of the case and the strength of the patient.  You will be monitored regularly to ensure that the formula is effective and modified as improvements occur.


What you should do prior to coming for treatment  It is recommended that patients do not have a large meal prior to the appointment.   Strenuous exercise should be avoided at least one hour before treatment.  Any alcohol, food or drinks such as tea or coffee which affect the tongue should be avoided immediately prior to the appointment.

After treatment There are many different types of reactions as the rate of improvement depends on the condition.  However, the more chronic the disease the slower the recovery.  The patient should keep in close touch with their herbalist regarding any reactions which are unexpected.

Who can take Chinese herbs?

Chinese herbs can be taken by all age groups from young babies to the elderly for increasing longevity and quality of life.