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Conditions which can be helped by Chinese herbal medicine

Both acute and chronic conditions can be helped by Chinese herbal medicine. The following is a brief list of complaints which respond to treatment but many other conditions can be treated. Infectious diseases: Colds, bronchitis, influenza, diarrhoea Internal conditions: depression, eczema and other skin problems, arthritis, depression, stress, sinusitis, hay fever, haemorrhoids, back pain, indigestion, migraine, palpitations Gynecological conditions: period problems, pregnancy problems,

anaemia, menopausal problems, discharges, fibroids, cysts, fertility, endometriosis Men's diseases: prostatitis, impotence Children's complaints: skin complaints, bed-wetting Addictive issues: Tobacco, alcohol, tranquilizers. Herbs also enhance the immune system and improve the quality of life so that patients experience improvements in mood and energy. Excellent results with eczema and psoriasis have been highlighted recently by the media. Such success relies on treatment using formulae tailored to the individual patient's condition.