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Causes of Disease.

There are many factors which can upset the balance of body-mind-spirit. Chinese medicine stresses the importance of:-

  • emotional states, such as sadness, anger, grief, anxiety and fear. All emotional states have a specific effect on the energy balance of the individual.
  • diet - overeating, malnutrition, too much cold and raw foods, too many hot and greasy foods, eating erratically or in a hurry can all cause disease.
  • drugs, alcohol, tobacco, wrongly prescribed medicines or medicines taken over prolonged perioeds, too much tea, coffee or dairy products canall potentially lead to patterns of disharmony.

  • climatic conditions - such as cold, damp, wind, heat, dryness, particularly sudden changes in the weather
  • exercise and rest - too little or too much of either can harm the energy balance of the body.
  • trauma - physical , such as accidents falls and operations and emotional, such as a sudden bereavement
  • hereditary factors
  • poisons
  • epidemics