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The Body (mind & spirit) as perceived by Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine diagnoses and treats conditions from a holistic standpoint. Symptoms are seen as a manifestation of an imbalance in the whole body's system rather than attributing it to a malfunction of one of its parts. All illnesses are seen as an imbalance between two opposite principles, Yin and Yang. Those illnesses which are characterised by weakness, lethargy and coldness are more Yin whilst those which manifest strong movements, heat and overactivity are Yang in nature.

Successful treatment is based upon treating the underlying disharmony between Yin and Yang and re-establishing balance. The human body is made up of Qi (pronounced Chi as in "cheese", meaning life force), blood and fluids. Health exists when adequate Qi and blood flow smoothly through the organs and the channels that link together all parts of the body. This harmonious flow can be disturbed by several factors such as climate, emotions, diet and lifestyle. Chinese medicine works by identifying the cause(s) of the imbalance and using the appropriate treatment to restore the original balance.